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For those seeking Angelic support on their Spiritual journey. 

These crystal healing bracelets not only assist you in your emotional, physical and mental healing with the powerful effects of the crystals themselves but these crystals are also encoded with healing frequencies from the Angelic Kingdom. These frequencies boost the effects of the crystals and maintains a supportive vibration to help you overcome the obstacles and life lessons you will learn on your spiritual path. You will receive Angelic support to enhance your spiritual gifts, provide you with clarity, encourage emotional healing and assist you as you progress on your spiritual journey. 

As a channel for the healing energies of the Angelic Kingdom, I connect to the Angels and ask them to infuse the crystals with these supportive frequencies. To get the most support from the Angels I recommend wearing the bracelet and asking the Angels to connect and guide you daily. Ask them to guide you through your lessons on the path of least suffering and to help you embody joy and gratitude. Be mindful of what shows up for you and always ask yourself what each experience is teaching you.

The Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and guides are more accessible than ever before and are eager to connect with you. You must ask for their assistance as they will not violate free will but know that they are always present and wanting to help you.

This healing is not specific to individuals. If you would like a bracelet encoded with specific frequencies for your own personal healing this can be done. However, if this is the case then booking a distance healing session would be more effective at helping your progress on your spiritual journey.

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