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You are an energetic being in a physical body but there are many other forms of energetic entities that can attach to, feed off of you and influence your emotional and mental state. 

Before your healing session I can work the Angels to identify what energetic attachments you have. It would be in your best interest to remove these entities as they can wear you down over time and cause physical and emotional problems

Unconscious Entities

Most energetic attachments are in the form of unconscious thoughtforms. These balls of energy were created in response to a traumatic/ uncomfortable event a person experienced. This memory becomes stuck in the energetic field and when the person focuses on this event with rage it builds it until it becomes an entity. This entity wants to sustain itself so it encourages rage in whoever it is attached to. When the person heals their wound regarding this trauma this unconscious ball of rage will detach and it will look for someone else it can attach to and feed from. These unconscious entities can promote sadness, fear, rage etc and will search for the best 'food source'

Astral Parasites

Astral parasites are energetic entities that exist in the lower astral but can find their way to our plane through open portals. They vary in their level of consciousness but generally they have a very low consciousness and are just interested in survival. They look like insects and leeches and most I encounter look like spiders but I have also seen termites, mosquitoes and wasps. They are just interested in you as a food source and have no negative intentions toward you but they can start to cause physical issues if they are attached long term. Generally they will attach around the heart or abdomen and cause issues there.


There are more conscious astral parasites but these are more rare and a little trickier to get rid of as they actively avoid being caught.

Earthbound Spirits

When a person passes they may not cross over. This can be because they do not want to leave their family, they may not realise they died or they may fear what awaits them so they stay on this plane. 

As time goes by the spirit will need energy to survive so it will attach to someone. This is usually a loved one. There is nothing nefarious about this but when a spirit stays on this plane a long time it can forget who it is and becomes a spirit attachment. These spirit attachments can pass down through generations as the spirit does not realise that it needs to cross over.

Dark Entities

There are different kinds of 'dark' entity but these energetic beings are the most undesirable of attachment. Whereas parasitic entities can cause issues with health and emotional well being their intention is only to feed. Dark entities however have the intention of disrupting your life and causing you harm. If you feel like you are having a run of bad luck, if things keep going wrong for you or you feel like a darkness is overshadowing you mentally and emotionally it could be due to a dark entity attachment. The most serious of these attachments are the ones that have the ability to influence your thoughts and can manipulate you to hurt others or hurt yourself. It is important to note that these entities are nowhere near as powerful as you and they cause you trouble by stirring up painful memories and negative ways of thinking but ultimately you dictate how much they can influence you by your way of thinking and you can stop their influence by reframing your thoughts. Spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle can give you the tools to remove these entities yourself.

Although these entities are dark and can be harmful sometimes these entities are integral to our spiritual growth. They may be there to highlight an area that you need to work on and are making your life uncomfortable so you face and overcome that issue. Occassionally the Archangels will refuse to remove entities from a person and this is because, on a spiritual level, they want the challenge and need to face obstacles on their own. To remove entities from these people would deprive them of the opportunity for their spiritual growth so the Archangels will not do it. If for any healings the Archangels refuse to participate then you will of course be refunded.

If you would like to book a distance energetic session with the Archangels to remove any entities attached to you you can purchase an entity clearing session.

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