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House Clearing

Negative energies can be found all around us and come in various forms. These negative energies whilst not usually anything to be concerned about are parasitic in nature. They feed off of and are drawn to negative energies. If you feel angry you will attract one that feeds on the energy of anger, if you feel sad you will attract one that feeds off of sadness etc. Unfortunately they do not only feed on these energies but encourage you to feel them so they can get more energy out of you.

It is very common to find several them within your house, hanging around waiting for a chance to feed on your energy. They are nothing to be scared of but they can bring you down, leave you feeling lethargic and instigate more fighting and anger in your household (this is not to say that they are the root cause of it, they just encourage it).

If you have a lot of people in your house then the chances of there being multiple negative energies increases. They like to hide in small spaces which is why practicing Feng Shui in your house can be very beneficial as they have nowhere to hide.

These negative energies can be cleansed from your house using Reiki. I will need a picture of your house or the room that you wish to be cleansed. These energies will then be removed remotely.

House Clearing  £25

These energies can also attach to your energy field if you are feeling low. If for any reason your auric field has become damaged (experiencing trauma) then these energies can enter your energy and feed from you. During Reiki sessions these energies detach as they do not like the high vibration of the Reiki energy. If you are feeling low, lethargic and troubled then you may find a Reiki session on yourself very helpful. This will release any negative energies attached to you and seal your energy field so they cannot reattach.


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