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It is very important to understand that physical, emotional and mental healing can only take place with your permission and continued healing can only occur with your participation. Your body is perfectly capable of healing itself as long as there are no energetic blocks which prevent this ability.


Reiki healing can remove these energetic blocks and stimulate your body to heal itself. From my experience with my clients, symptoms of depression and anxiety can be lifted quite quickly as these are dense energies that affect you mentally so when the energy is removed it can be more noticeable. For issues with the physical body, healing can take longer to manifest. The physical symptom was linked to an energetic block and when this block is removed the body has an opportunity to heal. This healing is not instantaneous but you can help it along with rest and proper diet.

What are energetic blocks?

Energetic blocks are areas in either your energy field or within your chakra system that stop the energy from flowing freely. These blocks can be caused by traumatic experiences (usually in childhood) on a conscious or unconscious level. The effect of these initial traumas can be compounded as we go through life as we experience similar situations or focus negative energy on the initial trauma through our own thought.

Over time the block grows as more negative energy is added to it and eventually this block in the energetic body can start to manifest in the physical, mental or emotional bodies.

Why participating in your own healing is essential

Reiki is not a magic pill that will cure all of your problems. I have noticed through my work that results can be miraculous initially (and sometimes permanently depending on what the block was). However, I have noticed through my working with clients that often, if they do not change their way of thinking then after several months they re-create the block. This seems especially true for those suffering with depression.

For example, a client with severe depression may find this dense, negative energy lifted and that they are able to think more clearly without the intense sadness that was previously there. However, over time this person continues to focus on the negative aspects of their life. When something 'bad' happens they default to the role of the victim. They continue with negative self talk, they ruminate on negative past experiences, blame and judge others and start to build the blocks that caused their depression.

Another person suffering the same may take advantage to change the way they think when this heavy energy has been lifted. They may work on positive affirmations, work on self love, practice gratitude and whenever they have a difficult encounter with someone they use it as an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to be a student of their life instead of a victim of it. The energetic blocks are not rebuilt and the depression does not return.

Of course, this is just an example of how perspective can influence your life and negative world view is not the only cause of depression.

As a physical example, someone that suffers with arthritis may find that their energetic block was related to them being inflexible and rigid. Perhaps they have a need to be in control all of the time and find it hard relaxing and seeing what comes. Reiki sessions may help with the arthritis but if the controlling aspect of that persons personality is not worked on then the arthritis will return.

If you want to truly heal it is important that you examine what caused the block and take steps to ensure that you do not re-create it. Inner child healing and Shadow work can be very helpful in finding out what the block was but the best way to heal is to change the way you think. Negative thinking patterns will certainly re-create the energetic blocks.

To help you in your healing I highly recommend studying and implementing the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Quietening the ego mind and self reflecting with shadow work will help you heal greatly. This is a great starting point for those wishing to heal. If you feel like you are well on your way on your Spiritual journey then I would also recommend the channelled texts by Paul Selig. Some other teachers and channellers I would recommend are Matias De Stefano, Anne Tucker, Dolores Cannon and if you are really thirsty for esoteric knowledge then try the Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

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