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This is a single, macrame Angelic Frequencies Rose Quartz & Opalite Healing Bracelet designed to help you access Angelic support to assist you in raising your vibration and connecting to your Divinity.


Each bracelet is encoded with healing frequencies from the Angelic Kingdom to enhance your spiritual gifts, provide you with clarity, encourage emotional healing and assist you as you progress on your spiritual journey. 


The Angelic frequencies are channeled energetically through Angelic Reiki and encoded into the crystals to not only support you throughout your day but to also maximise the healing effects already inherent in the crytals themselves.


Crafted with the healing energy of Rose Quartz and Opalite, this bracelet is perfect for spiritual and emotional healing. The adjustable macrame design allows a perfect fit that can easily be removed. Wear this bracelet for Angelic support, accessing the higher angelic frequencies and vibrations available to us at this time.

Angelic Frequencies Rose Quartz & Opalite Healing Bracelet

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