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This 30 minute session connects you to the Angelic Kingdom of Light and calls upon the Archangels for their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.


Working with the Angelic Kingdom offers one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and to the planet at this time. Angels exist outside of time and dimensions and are able to help you with whatever is accordance with Divine Will. For this session you will connect to 1 Archangel to achieve a desired healing or to just allow the Archangels to provide you with healing that is in line with your highest and best.


You can choose which Archangel you would like to do your healing or allow the Archangel which can best serve you come forward for the healing you would like


Ariel - Lioness of God

Her energy is powerful yet gentle and is known to be a guardian and healer of animals. She can help you provide for your physical needs such as shelter, supplies and money.


Azrael - Whom God Helps

His energy is calm and patient and is also known as the angel of death as he lovingly guides departed souls to Heaven and consoles bereaved families and friends to help them heal from grief. 


Chamuel - He Who Sees God 

With a tender and sympathetic energy he sees the connection between everyone and everything. He eases anxiety and brings personal peace.


Gabriel - Messenger of God

Gabriel passes messages from God and she is closely aligned with child-rearing and pregnancy.


Haniel - Glory of God

Her energy is graceful and soothing and she is associated with the moon. Her gift is empowering spiritual practitioners to gain heightened intuition. Haniel provides guidance to those who seek to develop their psychic abilities. 


Jeremiel - Mercy of God

His duty is to help souls review their life on earth and as such will be brutally honest so people can learn from their mistakes. He wants you to see the “light” of the situation so you can plan for positive change. 


Jophiel - Beauty of God

Jophiel heals negative and chaotic situations and helps us to see the beauty in our environment. She brings organization and we can call on her when we feel insecure. 


Metatron - Highest of Angels

He is said to watch over children in Heaven and Earth. He helps those who need focus, motivation, and organization in starting a new project. 


Michael - He Who is Like God

Archangel Michael is a protector and possesses great strength, power, and courage.   Call on him for spiritual protection and cleansing and to help release you from fear. 


Raguel - Friend of God

Raguel embodies unbiasedness and can bring harmony to all relationships. He can also assist with legal matters. 


Raphael - He Who Heals

Archangel Raphael is a Master Healer promoting better health, helping with both inner and outer healing. He guides those who heals others such as physicians and nurses, and even spiritual practitioners. 


Raziel - Secrets of God

Raziel embodies Divine wisdom and knows all the secrets of the Universe.


Sandalphon - Highest of Angels

He is said to be the twin brother of Metatronand is known for delivering prayers to God and the spiritual realm. He also heals people from aggression. 


Uriel - Light of God

Uriel is the Archangel of Enlightenment. You can call upon him to guide you in your intellectual pursuits.  


Zadkiel - Righteousness of God

Archangel Zadkiel can be called on to heal memory problems and improve other mental functions. He reminds us to be grateful and encourages forgiveness. 




At the end of the session I will let you know which Archangels came forward to heal you and what Chakras they did healing on. If they use any Angelic symbols in the session I will also let you know what these were.

Angelic Healing Session with 1 Archangel 30 mins

£30.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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