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The dragons are a very powerful and immense form of divine energy. They are a part of the Angelic Kingdom and are here to be teachers, guides, protectors and healers at this important time. Dragons will often connect with me during my Angelic sessions as they are very skilled at clearing lower energies and reaching lower frequencies that would be uncomfortable for the Angels. They have a much more 'powerful' energy to them when compared to other guides I work with and a very distinctive presence.


Dragons work with us for healing on all levels, with particular attention to our emotional wellness and support our personal and spiritual development along with self-awareness. 



This is a 30 minute distance session. For the session you can be in a relaxed and receptive state with no distractions. If you can then you may want to meditate or listen to Binaural beats. You may or may not feel anything during or after the session, this will depend on how sensitive you are to these energies. Some people see colours or images, meet their guides and Angels, hear music and feel physical touch but some people experience nothing. Often when you are so focused on experiencing something you actually block the experience so try to relax.


After the session please drink plenty of water and listen to your body in terms of what it needs. If you have been suffering with depression, anxiety, anger issues etc I would also recommend that you book further healing sessions with either the Dragons, Angels, Archangels, Arcturians, Lemurians or Ascended Masters to heal any underlying issues and energies that are causing you these problems.



I recommend having at least 4 healing sessions to get the best results from the healing. Energetic issues can build up over a lifetime and while you can experience results from a single session, it can take several sessions to make significant progress on a particular problem.



It is also important to note that my Spirit guides can support you in your healing but your own participation in your healing is very important. They can help you clear an issue but they cannot stop you from recreating it. Self reflection, shadow work and other spiritual practices like expressing gratitude, taking responsibility and practicing forgiveness (of self and others) are vital in moving forward in your healing. If you would like some recommendations of where you can find more helpful information please email me at and I will be happy to help.



Dragon Reiki

£35.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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