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This hour long session works with the Archangels Michael and Azrael to remove any dark or parasitic entities that may be influencing you. These entities could be subtly influencing your mood or energy levels or some of the darker types may be making your life quite difficult with dark thoughts, increased anger towards other and self, anxiety and thoughts of self harm.


When these entities have been removed I will then ask the Archangels to retrieve all the fragmented parts of your soul so that dark entities cannot attach (unless you experience new traumas and create new attachment opportunities for them).


Please be aware that although anger, anxiety, depression and self harm can be symptoms of an entity attachment, external entities are not the only cause of these issues. Dark entities exacerbate existing issues but are not the total cause of them. They find a weakness and exploit it but ultimately you can choose to reframe the way you think so that these entities have no 'weak points' to attach to. Work on your own Spiritual growth with Spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle to prevent these attachments.


To prevent further dark entity attachments you can also have a Soul Retrieval session. This heals these 'weak points' so there are no more attachment points for these dark entities. 


This is a distance session. For the session you can be in a relaxed and receptive state with no distractions. If you can then you may want to meditate or listen to Binaural beats. You may or may not feel anything during or after the session, this will depend on how sensitive you are to these energies. Some people see colours or images, meet their guides, hear music and feel physical touch but some people experience nothing. Often when you are so focused on experiencing something you actually block the experience so try to relax.


After the session please drink plenty of water and listen to your body in terms of what it needs. If you have been suffering with depression, anxiety, anger issues etc I would also recommend that you book further healing sessions with either the Archangels, Angels, Arcturians or Lemurians to heal any underlying issues and energies that are causing you these problems. To notice a difference I recommend having at least 4 sessions, ideally once or twice a week.


Disclaimer : I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist. By booking this session you are giving me permission to do the energetic healing and confirming that you understand what a healing crisis is and what you can expect from these sessions. I do not advise that you discontinue medical treatments that you may be undergoing or stopping any medications that you may be taking. These energetic healing sessions are to be used as complementary healing and not as a replacement for medical treatment.

Entity Clearing Session & Soul Retrieval

£65.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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