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Before your Reiki treatment you will first be asked to fill out a consultation form. There are few conditions that prevent Reiki treatment however due to the visuals and sounds you may experience during treatment it is not recommended for anyone suffering with schizophrenia. Due to energy flow, those with pace makers will need to have the heart area avoided and you must be able to lay flat on your back for 30-60 minutes.


When that is completed and we have discussed what you are looking to achieve from the treatment you will then lay fully clothed on the treatment couch.

As the session begins I will be guided to areas either within your energy field or in your physical body that require healing. Generally, on your first session I will be guided to spend the majority of the session clearing your energy field (unless you ask for something specific to be addressed). In subsequent sessions I will begin to work on areas within and just outside of your physical body. I will be drawn to areas of imbalance above and around the Chakra energy centres.


Most of this energy work is done with my hands about 1 inch from your body but ocassionally I will be guided to place my hands directly on the body.

With regular treatments the Chakras can be brought back in to balance improving any physical, emotional or mental issues you may have.

What to expect

It is also important to mention that as well as the balancing the Chakra system, your energetic field will likely hold traumas that affect your physical, emotional and mental bodies. I can tell you where these energetic blocks are in your field during your Reiki appointment if that is of interest to you. However, although I am able to work on the integration of these blocks I only offer this as a remote session. Click here for more information on Trauma Integration.

For true healing to occur it is important to release the accumulated trauma in your energy field as well as the Chakra System.


There is no talking or physical manipulation during treatment. You are encouraged to just relax and clear your mind. It is a great opportunity to meditate or even fall asleep. The energy goes where it is needed and the energy will benefit you regardless of whether you are awake or not.

Each person experiences Reiki differently and you may or may not experience anything during a Reiki treatment. Some people see colours and energies flowing, others may feel sensations of heat, tingling or a coolness in some areas. Some clients can have an emotional response which is indicative of a shift in energy as your body releases stagnant energies that are no longer needed. It is not uncommon for clients to yawn or cough as they release the negative energies and restore harmony within the emotional, physical and mental bodies.

Healing Crisis


Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that supports healing on all levels. It grounds the essential life force within your energy system and activates innate healing resources. This supports the healing of acute and chronic diseases such as depression, stress, addiction, fatigue and other symptoms of imbalance.

However, this stimulates a purification process and the flow of Reiki energy through the physical and subtle bodies encourages the release of emotional, physical and mental 'toxins'. It encourages the release of toxic buildup that may have been caused by trauma, injuries, poor health habits and pollutants. This release is generally very gentle and can pass with little notice. However, depending on what is being cleared the process can be more noticeable and uncomfortable and take a little longer to work through the energy system.


This is known as a 'Healing Crisis' and although uncomfortable is a necessary step where physical and emotional toxins may resurface so they can be integrated for true healing. As this occurs you may experience symptoms such as: flu like symptoms, coughing, joint aches, headache, sore throat and nausea. You may also find your sleeping patterns are affected. Repressed emotions such as anger, sadness and frustration may resurface as well as any suppressed memories that need to be released in order for the body to heal.

As uncomfortable and daunting as it is for these shadow aspects to resurface, it is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth. These old emotions are to be acknowledged and released along with limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. As these things are cleared you create space for higher levels of consciousness and instead of viewing these process as symptoms of illness they can instead be viewed as a sign of your progress.

It is also important to note that the healing energy of Reiki does not 'cause' this imbalance. The imbalance is already well established within you and the Reiki energy brings awareness and healing to those energies that you hold.

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