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Trauma Release

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Traumatic experiences and patterns of negative thinking can cause our psyche to fracture. When we experience something traumatic or if there is something we do not want to face a part of us will splinter and become lodged in our energy field. When these experiences and feelings are denied and ignored they accumulate similar energies and can leave you with an energetic attachment of shame, guilt, fear, anger or sadness. 

This attachment will influence your everyday life on a subconscious level and can be completely or partly responsible for physical issues, addiction and negative thinking patterns.

These energy attachments can become their own entity, a separate part of you that wants to be reintegrated. This reintegration can be done through shadow work and inner child healing if you want to work through these traumatic experiences on your own.

Reiki can also be used to help release these aspects of self that have been denied. If you would like some help healing these energy attachments, Angelic guides can release them during a distance Reiki session. These fractures can usually be released within a couple of hour long sessions however, deep seated trauma and negative belief systems may take longer to reintegrate. This is a much easier way of releasing these attachments, as shadow work and inner child healing are quite heavy processes.

This is not a miracle cure however. A change of perspective and a re-framing of past experiences is also needed to ensure that the energy field stays clear.

 Distance Trauma Release        £65 per session
Remote Diagnosis                            £15

This work is done remotely so I can more easily access the areas that need to be worked on. Generally, when someone has an issue such as depression, addiction or a physical pain that is manifesting there will be between 2-5 fractures in the energy field that are contributing to the problem as well as a Chakra block. If you would like to know what areas need to be healed before you book a full session you can book a diagnosis where I will scan your energy field to see where these issues are.

I'm afraid I cannot say how many sessions will be needed to reintegrate these traumas. This will depend on how much energy has been put into building the fracture.


To give an example:

Let's say that a couple of years ago a stranger made a comment about your appearance and that made you feel a little self conscious from that point onwards and every now and then you would look at yourself and pick up on the flaws that person perceived. There would be a fracture in your energy field where the untrue belief system was held. However, it was not something that consumed your thoughts and so could be quite easily reintegrated.

However, let's say that in childhood someone made this remark and it has become so deeply ingrained in the way you think that every time you look in the mirror you see these perceived flaws, you truly believe what was said and reinforce it. You believe yourself to be ugly and confirm it every day. This fracture will take a lot longer to release as a lot more energy has been fed in to it.


As these fractures are released during your session your energy will be able to flow more freely and you will no longer have their unconscious influence on your day to day life.

Please see the section on what to expect before you book your treatment. 

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